Dr. Kirschner offers Today’s Winning Insight On CanDoGo

Dr. Kirschner offers Today’s Winning Insight On CanDoGo

I have a fun bit of news to share with you today, plucked fresh from my inbox.  Turns out that one of my videos is ‘Today’s Winning Insight‘ at CanDoGo.com.  

I know this sounds a little like a ‘hair club for men’ advertisement when I say this, but I can’t help myself.  I like what CanDoGo wants to do so much that I joined the company as a thought leader right from the outset.  CanDoGoAnd because I am one of their exclusive authors/speakers/trainers/coaches (what a job description!) I met up with them in Arizona last year and filmed about 50 video clips.  I had a great time, and the people I worked with, including Paul Simon, were nothing short of terrific.  I am mightily impressed by them, as will you be when you check them out.  

And what do they offer?  They deliver concise advice for sales, personal development, leadership and motivation over the Web. CanDoGo just recently launched a brand-new site with thousands of free pieces of advice. Yes, their amazing service is free, so there is every reason to see for yourself what they have to offer.  

Now is a really important time to hone your skills and CanDoGo’s advice can help you adapt and succeed. I am proud to be part of CanDoGo’s world-renowned experts and I encourage you to check out www.candogo.com or click on one of these three links that go directly to some of my videos on CanDoGo.

Touch That Dial! 

Change Your Attitude Toward Difficult People

How to Deal with a Whiner 

I’d love to hear your comments about CanDoGo, so check them out, then come back here and say something.  You can.  So please do.  Now GO!  

Be well,