Work With Aden

You’re a leader who is so ready to perform at the very top of your game.

But how do you get the best from your people? How do you create clarity of thought, conviction in your purpose? How do you get your message across to your teams, your customers, to everyone in a noisy, crowded world?

I help business leaders communicate in a way that builds massive trust with people so they can bring out the best in others, get people on board with their ideas, and outperform the competition.

Over the last decade, I have helped thousands of people improve their communication, think differently and have more fun. My clients come from companies around the globe which include Shriners Hospitals for Children, Dell, Nike, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Uber, and more.

Aden’s caring and personal approach, along with improvisation background, make for a lively & engaging learning process.

Dr Paddy Tawada, DOM, LAc.

Aden’s “Reason in an Outraged World” workshop was exceptional! When we’re having a difficult conversation, it’s easy to get caught up in our own point of view and judgements we make unconsciously and so risk damaging the relationship with the other person. In her workshop, I learned and practiced ways to have an engaging discussion that will make everyone feel heard and respected – even if they disagree with what I have to say. The result is that I can “see” other points of view without needing to agree with them, value their intent, grow my own horizons and even strengthen those relationships. Thank you, Aden!

Dr. Jürgen Strauss

Great conversation with an unexpected group! Left with clear takeaways that I’ll be able to apply in difficult professional and personal disagreements. Thank you!

Mitra LeBuhn

Thank you Aden Nepom for this wonderful workshop yesterday. My team and I learned so much and I loved that you created this experience to change the negative dynamic that dominates our daily communication. Every friend, business, board and community organization should take this workshop to better their work and personal relationships.

Sara Kime
Glen Arbor Arts Center

Aden is professional, fun, smart and cool under pressure. She can handle every part of a speaking engagement: connecting with clients, creating dazzling presentation visuals, organizing her thoughts, being present in the moment with the audience, and following up with individuals afterwards. She’s a pleasure to work with and makes those around her better for it.

Shana Merlin

After years of doing what I was supposed to do, or doing what I was good at but didn’t necessarily like, I knew I needed to know what my values were and what I really wanted out of a job before I took on any new opportunities. We ended up creating a “values” list of what I wanted vs what I didn’t want – and she was great at challenging me when I said things that didn’t make sense! And also knowing that sometimes I have trouble trusting myself, we developed a ‘mantra’ I can use to remind myself to have faith, and take the leap even if I’m scared. The session was 90 minutes, and probably saved me from accepting a job I probably wouldn’t have liked after 6 months. I super recommend the program and her.

Lindsey McGowen

Art of change offers helpful tools and training. Aden will happily work with teams, individuals, conferences and more. Let's talk!

Who I Work With

If you’re a person who leads a team, runs an organization, is heading up an initiative, manages projects, serves customers, or manages sales…you’re in the right place. Art of Change is perfect for:

CEOs and C-Suite executives

Emerging professionals looking to improve business relationships

Professionals changing lanes into a new industry

Leaders managing remote teams

Human resources professionals 

ANYONE looking to level-up their communication and collaboration skills

What We Do Together

I help my clients create healthy team dynamics, develop effective communication habits and gain actionable insights for immediate use in the workplace.

Art of Change is engaging, dynamic, and most importantly FUN! It’s not a direct download to your brain. Instead, we work together to learn, practice, adjust, and improve professional communication skills. 

How to Work With Me

Individual Coaching

You need a trusted advisor to help you achieve your dreams. I offer coaching and consulting by phone or over Zoom Meetings. 


This 90 minute coaching session is designed to help you break through the barriers holding you back from the success you want. In the Unstuck coaching session, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to move from indecision and confusion to action and results in your business, role, team dynamics, and organization.


We’ll work together to create a multi-session coaching package designed to fit your communication and collaboration challenges. You’ll gain the insights, strategies and tactics to increase your influence, get your ideas across, and take your leadership skills to the next level. 


Learning new strategies shouldn't be boring. Art of Change trainings are engaging, interactive and most importantly immediately useful in your day to day communication.


Individual communication skills are crucial, but true collaboration requires the confidence and participation of your entire team. Choose from our list of recommended team workshop topics, or work with us to create a program custom-tailored to the challenges your team is facing.

Recommended team training topics include: 

The Big Ideas Playground: Fun & Useful Ways to Generate New Ideas

Influence & the Art of Persuasion

Across the Divide - Bridging the Communication Age Gap at Work


Successful leaders are, more often than not, busy people. Our online workshops bring together professionals across a variety of industries to learn critical communication and leadership skills in a quick-fire, collaborative environment.

Past workshop topics have included: 

How to Bring out the Best in People (even at their worst)

Say it Like You Mean It - Speaking with Competence & Confidence

Reason in an Outraged World - Meaningful Conversations with the People You Disagree With