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Authority by Degrees

This morning I spoke with the niece of a friend about her next steps in pursuing her education. She’s interested in getting a degree in nutrition, but wants something more than the conventional nutritional education offered in most institutes of higher learning. I gave her my usual warning about watching out for the con artist…
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What’s your story?

What’s your story? It’s common in my coaching work to hear my clients tell their stories as if their stories are actually describing something that really happened. Yet I know that memory, no matter how sharp, is selective by nature, and that conscious memories only scratch the surface of underlying experiences. What really happened? To…
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Agri Culture

Just got this in my inbox, from OrganicConsumers.org.  It turns out that the National Academy of Sciences published a study that indicts pesticide use on decreasing crop yields by a third.  Apparently, pesticides are killing helpful soil bacteria necessary for health growth.  Am I surprised?  Not even a little.  We eat organic food whenever possible,…
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