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Persuading with Integrity: Questions Have Persuasive Power

This continues my series of posts about the useful assumptions I have defined over my career and work. Useful assumptions, used correctly, help you to persuade with integrity and create change for the better. Recently I posted about how, you cannot not influence people. Today we’ll cover the persuasive power of questions. Have you ever…
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Dealing With Bad Behavior from Your Boss

Dealing with bad behavior at work is a common theme that I address continually in my work with people, my writing and here on this blog. Below is another example of someone experiencing bad behavior from her boss and my recommendations to her. (Her real name is not used.)

Persuading with Integrity: Recognizing Influence

This post continues from my last post on Persuading with Integrity here and is helpful if you are seeking to improve your ability to change your world for the better and you want to improve your persuasion skills. Strengthening your positive persuasion, persuading with integrity, and communication skills is facilitated by understanding some basics. This…
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Persuading with Integrity: A Toolkit Series

If you are seeking to improve your ability to change your world for the better—like most of us I suspect—you may find it useful to brush-up on your persuasion skills. This post is an introduction into the basics of persuasion with integrity that I researched for my book, The Insider’s Guide: The Art of Persuasion:…
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Obama’s Powerful Use of Persuasive Speech for Positive Change

I’ve been asked repeatedly by my students to comment on the rhetorical skill of Senator Barack Obama. His latest speech on racial healing, triggered by a backlash to comments from his pastor, hit all the right notes, at least in my book.