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Get With It, Get On With It – The Antidote For Complacency

Creative living stands out against the darkness of time, surrounded by the light of progress. As individuals, family members, and shareholders in communities, the use of our creative energy aimed at better tomorrows is self renewing, in that it allows us to slip the bonds of earth and soar to the heights of our hopes and dreams.

Fixing To Die – Complacent and fanatics share same false premise

Our inactions have consequences. Making the easy choice in the moment and doing what’s most convenient at the time almost always leads to complications and trouble, a soap opera whose happy endings are fleeting setups for more difficulty and travail. When creative energy is inhibited and suppressed by avoidance and denial, the result is unconscious and self-defeating behavior that guarantees a future shock.

Paved With Good Intentions – Why You Do What You Do, What You Can Do About It

When your problems surface in your awareness as problems, I think you’ll find it instructive and constructive to interpret your awareness of problems as signals from your subconscious that you’re ready for a change and able to make new choices. If your conscious mind sets the direction, then your subconscious is likely to follow.

How To Brainstorm Successfully – Life Skills

What matters is that whenever you have an outcome, it’s useful to come at it in a lot of different ways before settling on the best way, in order to keep tunnel vision from narrowing your range of powerful possibilities.

Do Self Help Books Really Help? – Jefferson Exchange Interviews Dr. K

Audio interview in two parts. Jefferson Public Radio interviews Dr. Rick Kirschner about the value of Self Help books. Do they work? Who uses them? Why? Can you expect results? What kind?

Change Is Gonna Come (to Dr. K’s Blogging Schedule)

That means Dr. K’s blog is more than two years old! I’ve already got close to 500 posts up, after maintaining a posting rate of three posts a week for virtually the entire duration of the blog. There are currently 777 comments on the blog, and I’ve appreciated every one of them, along with the email I’ve received the twitter and facebook responses I get regarding my posts.