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How Important Is It To Think Critically Before Making Up Your Mind?

I was thinking about what I wanted to write about next on my blog, and it occurred to me that thinking critically is certainly something worth writing about. Creative thinking is also important, no doubt, because it leads to innovation, small or large steps forward towards a desired result.  But what about critical thinking? When…
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If All You Know Is What You Don’t Want…

Because if there is a choice to be made between the difficulty of life and the desire for fulfillment, knowing what you do want can bring you back into the light, where you’ll find the better angels of human nature, including yours,

Consumer Reports Loses Even More Credibility

All you have to do is get your hands on the new iPhone, even for a few minutes, and you’ll see for yourself what the truth is. All the negative propaganda in the world can’t hide the truth. Not even when the whole media picks up the meme and carries it on. Eventually, truth will out.

The Value of the Vision Thing – in Politics, Business and Life

Those who we recognize for their vision are, more often than not, satisfied to see what they see and begin with that, then fill in the blanks while adapting to changes as they unfold. Indeed, an artist faces a canvas, a blank sheet of music, or a problem to be solved, with only an inkling of an idea, and that’s enough to begin.

Building Relationship On Agreement-Life Skills

Every semester, the students change but the questions I hear remain the same. Where am I coming from with these agreements? Why do I think it so important to the well being of these students that I’m willing to spend precious time on it, time that I could just as well put into teaching other things that might be valuable for my students? What justifies the use of so much class time for these agreements?

Resolve and Resolution in 2010

A New Year’s message shared by motivational speaker, executive coach and interpersonal skills trainer Dr. Rick Kirschner on working it out so the world changes for the better, changes for good.