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The Origins of Masterminding and Why It Works To Create Success

You’ve likely experienced the ‘all of us are smarter than any of us’ phenomenon. It happens for me when I’m working on a book. If I come to an idea that isn’t quite dialed in, I run it by someone else and in the sharing of it, it either becomes clear to me or my lack of clarity provokes the person I shared it with to tell me what I was missing. Yet on my own, that missing piece or lack of clarity is unresolvable.

Masterminding Your Success – Life Skills

Masterminding is a powerful approach to brainstorming, problem solving and goal achievement that has been around for centuries. It is what takes place when a group of people agree in a committed way to utilize the synergetic advantage of ‘all of us are smarter than any of us,’ to help each person in the group do better than they might on their own.

When Someone Rubs You The Wrong Way, Ask A Question – Persuasive Communication

Develop your ability to switch into an information-gathering mode rather than a reactionary one whenever faced with one of life’s challenges, particularly when those challenges appear in the form of other people. And specifically, if what they’re doing rubs you the wrong way.

Time for the High School Reunion – Who am I, What am I doing here?

At the reunion, I wonder if I’ll get back a few more pieces of my youth. And I suppose I may wonder, after being around former classmates and friends, if I had a do-over, how I would do things differently.

Helping Indecisive People To Make A Decision

The first thing to know about people who can’t make up their minds is that their indecision usually comes down to a fundamental misunderstanding of what goes into making a decision. The person gets their mind torn between choices because they are trying to find ‘the perfect’ decision, instead of ‘the best possible’ decision based on available information and resources.

Top Ten Interpersonal Skills – 10 – Change Happens In Stages

People don’t suddenly change their behavior. First they have to change their mind. But first they have to know that change is an option. Change happens in stages, and the first stage is ignorance.