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Dr. K’s Laws of Attraction for Intimate Relationships

While my blog deals primarily with matters of communication and making a positive difference in the workplace, I can’t always separate my personal from my professional life. That’s because the challenges in one are almost certainly have consequences in the other.

Bad Temper or Bad Relationship? When it comes to clicking, the devil is in the details

‘Bad temper’ is too broad a generalization. I find that people do better in sorting this sort of thing out if they can get specific about what kinds of things set off the person with the bad temper, or develop some insight into what inhibits their response in dealing with it.

Turning Contact Into Connection

Rules of relationship begin with useful assumptions about people. I’m not saying to blind yourself to reality with wishful thinking. I’m saying that since you must assume something in order to navigate your life and relationships, you’ll get further, faster, and with more pleasure and fun, if you base your travel and interactions on useful assumptions!

Albert Einstein and Me – Different Takes on the Meaning of Marriage

A successful intimate relationship is one in which respect (self respect and respect for your partner) is more valued than blame, self pity, excuse making and projection; in which being intimate works better than wishing for it from your partner,

What’s The Big Deal About Persuasive Communication?

If there’s no time like the present, then perhaps today is the day when you commit yourself to upgrading your persuasive skills, and preparing yourself to play a bigger part in the unfolding of the world around you. Perhaps today is the day when you say, in a way that persuades even you that your habits and cynicism make a poor excuse for not changing, that it’s time to stand up, step up and take up the cause of positive change, take it personally, make it a

Top Ten Interpersonal Skills -5- Listen To Go Deep

Understanding occurs on two levels: Emotionally—the person feels that you understand what they are feeling—and intellectually—the person believes that you understand what they are saying. If you make a habit of listening to go deep, you’ll find fewer problem people and more enjoyment of people in general.