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Dr. K’s Newest Rock n’ Roll Single A Huge Hit!

While you may know Dr. Rick Kirschner as a speaker, trainer, coach and blogger, you may not know that he’s been a performing musician for many years.

Making Sense of Speechmaking – How You Look

It’s a big week for speechmaking. The week began with MLK Day. Then inauguration of our new President. But the speechmaking is just getting started, folks. And to help make sense of it all, and help you make more persuasive presentations, I’m going to drill down a bit into how to make speeches make the most sense!

What Would You Do If An Audience Member Opposed You?

Opposition. To oppose, stand against, seek to undermine or eliminate. Ever heard these challenging words? “You’ll never change my mind.” “I wasn’t born yesterday! Who do you think you’re kidding?” “Save your breath. We’ve got better things to do than listen to another of your foolish ideas!”