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What About Happiness, Feeling Good and Fulfillment?

So there’s satisfaction looking back at values fulfilled through experience, and there’s the happiness of being in the moment and the moment lines up, and there’s the happiness of looking into the future and believing in your dreams for it.

Newspaper Offers Relationship Advice from Dr. Rick Kirschner

There’s a nice story in the Vancouver newsmagazine, Canoe, that features some of my advice for couples dealing with economic hardship who are getting on each other’s nerves. You can read the article by following this link.

Nan Russell of Work Matters Interviews Dr. Rick Kirschner

Nan Russell, of the Internet radio show Work Matters, recently interviewed Dr. Rick Kirschner on the Insider’s Guide To The Art of Persuasion. You can listen to the interview by following this link.

Will Americans Be Fooled Again?

With less than two months before our fateful election day, it seems increasingly likely that the smears and jeers that accentuate our fears will continue to raise cheers from the people sitting on their rears blithely watching us tumble further towards oblivion. It’s the effective use for the sake of abuse of the art of persuasion. I wrote my book to warn you, prepare you, train you and encourage you to put these tools into good use for good cause, instead of leaving them in the hands of people who are only up for no good to bring us all down. Well, consider the who, the where, the when and how of it, and here is what you’ll find.