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Can Changing Your Story Change Your Life?

Here’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. I love narrative psychology, and teach it to my clients and students as a powerful change tool. Because, consider this. Everyone has a story. And when you change your story (or someone else’s story), you can change a life.

Closing The Loop On The Blame Game

Some people are more practiced at assigning blame than others. There is no point in arguing with them. Much conflict comes down to blaming statements. Yet more often than not, no matter how reasonable these blaming statements sound, more often than not they are made up of reasons that don’t hold up to scrutiny.

Building Relationship On Agreement-Life Skills

Every semester, the students change but the questions I hear remain the same. Where am I coming from with these agreements? Why do I think it so important to the well being of these students that I’m willing to spend precious time on it, time that I could just as well put into teaching other things that might be valuable for my students? What justifies the use of so much class time for these agreements?

New Class in Healthy Communication Begins

Today is day one in my healthy communication class (Psyc 604) at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. This intensive is one of the most rewarding things I do each year, because I relish the chance to teach these future doctors

Shared Values Can Lead To Positive Change

The blending made possible by your shared values allows you to work through differences without the differences undermining your work, to disagree without being disagreeable. Here’s the case in point:

Get With It, Get On With It – The Antidote For Complacency

Creative living stands out against the darkness of time, surrounded by the light of progress. As individuals, family members, and shareholders in communities, the use of our creative energy aimed at better tomorrows is self renewing, in that it allows us to slip the bonds of earth and soar to the heights of our hopes and dreams.