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What Went Wrong for the Democrats? No narrative. No unity. No perceived change.

Whether you’re voting Red, or Blue, or tea party white, your vote is important, it’s your voice in the ‘we the people’ chorus, and it will do more to tell these characters in our nation’s capitol that we are paying attention and we care than all the whining, groaning and fearful gnashing of teeth

Republican Run From Record Is Non Persuasive

In an ad titled “They Broke It And Won’t Fix It,” the Dems seek to remind Americans that the damage to our economy and reputation was done before they came to power, and that the people responsible for the damage are now doing all they can to block change and perpetuate the damage. Persuasive? I think they got this ad exactly right.

A British View Of The US Election

So much has changed since 9/11 and after 8 years of the Bush presidency. Gone, it often seems, are the days when the Western World looked to the US as a shining example of what the world might be. Gone, it often seems, are the days when Americans cared, when we ate French Fries (not Freedom Fries) with relish (well, ketchup) and enjoyed calling them that.

Or are they? Just a few days ago, someone was telling me that Europe is fearful of Obama and that Obama makes the US a laughing stock for Europe.

Dr. K Doubles Down With A 2nd Post, Covering 3rd Debate!

I’ve said from the beginning that John McCain’s greatest strengths in this campaign were his heroic service to the country, his experience, his association with reform, and his likability. He could have fashioned all of this into one helluva campaign.

How Damaging Are Mixed Messages? Pt 1

The prime directive of leadership is to hold the focus. People need to understand what they’re doing, why they are doing it, and why doing it matters. And why it matters is that doing what we do holds the inherent promise of making a difference, of changing things for the better. The art of persuasion allows us to deliver that promise. Yet there’s an inherent problem. Because when positive change is the promise, but everything actually remains the same or gets worse, that’s a mixed message. The only way a person can make sense of such a message is to draw the conclusion that ‘when change is promised, nothing will change.’ I’m sure you can see how this kind of confusion can paralyze our ability to make decisions and move things forward.

Obama’s Powerful Use of Persuasive Speech for Positive Change

I’ve been asked repeatedly by my students to comment on the rhetorical skill of Senator Barack Obama. His latest speech on racial healing, triggered by a backlash to comments from his pastor, hit all the right notes, at least in my book.