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Fastest Way To End A Conflict When Someone Says You’re Wrong

For example, let’s say that I said something which, in spite of my good intentions, somehow offended you. And, just as night follows day, the result is that you accuse me of being offensive. Experience of being in this very situation has taught me that the simplest thing to say is, ‘You’re right. I’ve clearly offended you, and I apologize, because that wasn’t what I intended.”

Trust-Building is the Key to Positive Influence

If a person has enough trust in you, they may quickly let go of their personal reality in favor of the one you offer. Building trust is essential. So just how do you do that?

Weekend Product Review – It’s the iPad from Apple Inc

Bestselling author, speaker and coach Dr. Rick Kirschner reviews the new iPad from Apple Inc. The iPad is getting a lot of buzz. And for good reason. A lot of devices are about to become roadkill as a result of Apple’s latest creation.

Dealing With Your Reaction To Criticism – Response to A Reader

By identifying a good internal response ahead of time and then rehearsing it a bit in the privacy of your own mind, you can give yourself the advantage of being prepared, and the other person the benefit of your verbal gratitude.

Top Ten Interpersonal Skills -1- Useful Assumptions

The role that our assumptions play in communication success is fundamental. And the challenge with assumptions is to make useful ones rather than limiting ones. A useful assumption gives you enough informed perspective on your own behavior and the behavior of others that you can engage in behaviors that lead to worthwhile outcomes.

When People Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

The problem with blowhards is that if nobody knows any better, they can potentially persuade people who know even less into making a bad call, a boneheaded decision, or choosing poorly and then paying the price. Though the ditto heads who let the loudmouthed likes of Coulter, Hannity and Limbaugh think for them fail to notice it, ignorance often carries a steep price.