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Can Self-Persuasion Be A Recipe For Financial Disaster?

GUEST POST TODAY! I did a radio interview with financial consultant Marc Pearlman of YourMoneyMattersRadio.com a few months back, and today, I’m giving him the microphone on my blog! Marc is going to tell you how to protect yourself from self-persuasion when it comes to financial decisions. Without further ado, here’s Marc!

Dealing With Key Objections In the Art Of Persuasion

The purpose of some objections is to delay progress. This is the best trick of procrastinators, who fear making the wrong choice and either getting blamed for it or feeling responsible for it. When ever you receive an objection that seems to serve only to delay making a decision, that’s a signal not for more information, but for some handholding, patience and questions.

Dealing With Difficult People – Turning The Table On Meddlers

We’re talking about meddling meddlers and the people they meddle with. And in this post, we’ll consider options for dealing with these difficult people that stand a chance of bringing about positive change.

Will Obama find Nevada Governor’s Insults Persuasive?

Ever gotten your buttons pushed in a situation where you wanted someone’s cooperation, and instead of being persuasive, you wound up insulting them? It happens. And apparently this past week, it’s happened with the Governor of Nevada, Jim Gibbons (R).

Do You Know How To Turn Blame into a Better Connection?

The art of persuasion has its place in personal relationships. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. One of my clients shared the following conversation with me, and I thought it made a great example of turning blame into connection through communication, even though not much else really changed. It’s the conversation between a man and woman. She wants more connection. He wants a good connection, and also to read the paper. Enjoy…

Can Compassionate Listening Make You More Persuasive?

These are tough times, increasingly so, for many people. Sure, with motivation and some good luck, you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps, recover from almost any setback, make lemonade out of lemons. But tough is tough, and sometimes it takes time to find the inner reserve to bounce back.