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Nan Russell of Work Matters Interviews Dr. Rick Kirschner

Nan Russell, of the Internet radio show Work Matters, recently interviewed Dr. Rick Kirschner on the Insider’s Guide To The Art of Persuasion. You can listen to the interview by following this link.

About The Pig and Political Persuasion Skill

Just back from a trip to Cincinnati. Along the way, I heard tell of Barack Obama telling a crowd in Lebanon, Virginia, that “You can put lipstick on a pig; it’s still a pig,” and how the McCain campaign then demanded an apology for this ‘smear’ on Sarah Palin, who herself had made a joke involving the word lipstick at the Republican National Convention during her very unlady like attack speech against Obama.

This is a slang expression, long in use, for the fact that when you dress some things up, they’re still what they are, only dressed up. Apparently, McCain has used the expression as well, in reference to one of Hillary Clinton’s ideas, and Dick Cheney used it about John Kerry a few years ago, and McCain’s press secretary wrote a book with this idiom in the title, but now that he has a female running mate who used

How Persuasive Are Political Ads? (pt 3)

In the previous two posts in this series on Political Advertising, I talked about aspects of the formula that make ads compelling, including location, and a few guides. In this next and final part of this series, I’ll talk about the three kinds of political ads, and using the right ad at the right time for maximum persuasive effect.

Political persuasion experts have a catalog of options when it comes to making their candidate look good and the other candidate look bad. And there are three specific ad forms that they can use to package this message.

Marc Pearlman Interviews Dr. Rick Kirschner

Monday, September 7, Marc Pearlman of Your Money Matters will air his interview with Dr. Rick Kirschner on The Art of Change – The Power of Persuasion. You’ll find the interview here:


or on iTunes Radio (search Talk/Spoken Word: Your Money Matters)

How Persuasive Are Political Ads?

My work on persuasion has two goals. To help good people to bring about positive change using the skills and strategies of persuasion; and to help good people protect themselves from these same skills. You can learn a lot from the persuasion professionals who design political ads. In my previous post on political ads, I talked about the formula they use, and how it begins with location. But wait, there’s more! That’s what this post is about.

LearnToPersuade.com is now live!

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