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How Can Persuasion Help People Deal With Change?

How Can Persuasion Help People Deal With Change? In his book ‘Changing for Good,’ James Prochaska offers a model of change that identifies five stages that people move through before a change is firmly entrenched in their lives. While his model was developed for working with people who have substance abuse problems, I have found that the model has a broader application that is both incredibly interesting and useful. I think you will too!

Dr. K’s Blog Endorses Barack Obama For President of the USA

Yesterday, while working on my new book, I stopped to write my opinion of the whole campaign and where I am at with it. In today’s post, I’ll share with you what I wrote and make an official endorsement. I want to thank those of you who interacted with me about this election in a respectful way.

Just How Bad Is The Double Standard In This Election?

Is there a double standard at play in this election? If so, what is the root of it? I recently returned from a trip to the mid-west and south east United States, where I was astonished to hear racist comments about Barack Obama from educated people who I would have thought might know better. And it got me thinking, what if the tables were turned? What if John McCain had Barack Obama’s resume, and Barack Obama had John McCain’s resume. What would our perceptions of these candidates be under those circumstances? Well, apparently, at least a few other people have been thinking about this.

Who Won The 2nd Presidential Debate? Obama Takes It!

The 2nd Presidential debate is over. The 24 hour news channels and opinion makers in the papers held two views about how this would play out. First, that McCain was going to go hard on Obama’s character. Second, that McCain would do better than Obama in the town hall format. Pundits were wrong on both counts. In my opinion, Obama walked away with this one.

Why The Candidates Avoid Talking About The Financial Crisis

In the first Presidential debate last Friday, it seemed that both candidates sought to avoid an argument over the unfolding financial crisis. McCain simply avoided answering the economic questions asked of him, and answered unasked questions instead, about earmarks/spending, that did him little good. The $700 billion figure is an iceberg moving through our national consciousness, and $18 billion is, comparatively speaking, a snowball. And Obama kept his focus on typing McCain to Bush.

It’s My Birthday, Here’s Your Gift!

In spite of the deteriorating economy and tightening (rhymes with frightening) national belt, I’m in a generous mood. So for my birthday, please claim your gift. Go to LearnToPersuade.com, because your free gift is waiting there for you right now. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this offer, please do. I really want you to have this.