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Dr. K’s Laws of Attraction for Intimate Relationships

While my blog deals primarily with matters of communication and making a positive difference in the workplace, I can’t always separate my personal from my professional life. That’s because the challenges in one are almost certainly have consequences in the other.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In 2011, I’ll be offering my new speech and training program, “How To Click With People: Building the Personal Side of Business” in anticipation of the summer release of my next book. January release of the spoken word audio version of ‘Dealing With People You Can’t Stand,’ available through iTunes, Audible.com and on CD, from MacMillan.

BONUS POST: How To Celebrate A Wedding Anniversary When Traveling

Today is my wedding anniversary. It’s been 20 years of bliss, and I’m hoping for at least 20 more! But how to celebrate a life cycle event like this when I’m traveling? I know, I’ll blog about it, and tell GOOGLE!

True Meaning of Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. For many, Memorial Day is nothing but an extra day off from work, or a long weekend chance to get together with family and friends, laugh and chat over a hot barbeque and cold beer, and launch the summer season in style. Considering how hard people work these days and how precious time off is, I totally get it. But the true meaning of Memorial Day is somber and sobering.

Life and Depth, Death and Dying, and Coming Back To Life pt 1

Now that my Mom has gone, I find myself giving a lot of thought to this subject of death and dying and what happens to us, the living, as a result. To get my head and hands back in the blogosphere, I thought I’d post some of my feelings and thoughts here, to share with you and hear your feelings and thoughts in response.

My Mother Passed Away Today

My mother passed away today. All the years of my life, I never imagined a day would come when she would not be here. She was an amazing woman. How do you measure a life? Not in years, not in tears. I measure it in the memories created with her, and in the ways she contributed to the man I’ve become, and in the love she gave me which was immeasurable.