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Sometimes the BEST Communication Technique is NO Technique At All!

I had already been speaking professionally for a number of years at that point. I had my own style. I had my own way with words. I had confidence and strong material. But when they told us what the judges were looking for, I set aside everything I knew about speaking, and tried to do it their way. The result?

If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When?

In this final post of my blog series about getting beyond Us/Them thinking, I’d like to talk about the part we each play in what happens to all of us. The world is my country.  All mankind are my brethren.  To do good is my religion. – Thomas Paine I love that quote.  That’s from…
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Time for the High School Reunion – Who am I, What am I doing here?

At the reunion, I wonder if I’ll get back a few more pieces of my youth. And I suppose I may wonder, after being around former classmates and friends, if I had a do-over, how I would do things differently.

Top Ten Interpersonal Skills – 8 – Project And Expect The Best

Consider the power of positive projection. It’s based on the fact that most people rise or fall to the level of your expectations and projections. This phenomenon has been used by exceptional teachers to turn average students into exceptional ones, by loving wives to turn angry husbands into loving ones, and by managers to turn poorly performing employees into stellar ones.

New Class in Healthy Communication Begins

Today is day one in my healthy communication class (Psyc 604) at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. This intensive is one of the most rewarding things I do each year, because I relish the chance to teach these future doctors

Roast By Example – Persuasive Communication and Life Skills

In this final part of my blog series on how to roast a friend, I’ll provide you with two examples, the first involving my friend John (Thanks, Milton!) The second using yours truly.

So what do we know about John? Well, according to his wife, he is incredibly absent-minded and forgetful ,and he is becoming even more so as he ages.

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