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Mixed Messages Cause Damage, Create Sense of Helplessness Too!

No matter how they’re transmitted, mixed messages have consequences. Mixed messages are confusing, and when people are confused and things don’t get better, they tend to become cynical, polarized and angry, or they collapse into a state of silence and helplessness.

Mixed Messages Create Cynicism

Today I’m writing to expose the simple fact that mixed messages give birth to cynicism, then nurture that cynicism to keep it alive. And we, as a society, are awash in mixed messages. Here are just a few examples of the kind of mixed messages we deal with in our personal, professional, social and cultural life.

When the World Seems Like It’s Going to Hell in a Handbasket, an Antidote for Negativity

When the world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, you don’t have to go with it. Just fill yourself up with what lifts you up and keep your focus where it is useful. So says bestselling author, speaker, blogger and coach Dr. Rick Kirschner

What To Do With Your Bottled Up Feelings – Life Skills

Today’s post is about dealing with your bottled up feelings, and how to develop your emotional intelligence. It is in response to a comment I received on my blog a little while back, in which a reader wrote:

Top Ten Interpersonal Skills -6- Choose Your Words Carefully

I’m blogging about the Top Ten Interpersonal Communication Skills for building better relationships at work and at home. This post is number 6 in the series, and it’s about words. Words are almost certainly a key to success in anything worthwhile.

Roast Writing For The Sarcasm Impaired – Persuasive Communication and Life Skills

In this series of blog posts, I’ve been talking with you about how to roast a friend. In this post, I’ll talk about preparing your material.

When you roast a friend, you use a combination of what you know PLUS what you know ain’t so. For example, you can use exaggeration to take familiar things people know about the roastee to the extreme, because exaggeration has humor power.