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Peter Buckley Interview – Final Part

Here is the fourth and final installment of my conversation with Oregon State Representative Peter Buckley. In this last part of the interview, Peter and I discuss his motivation.   This is a great opportunity for you to get into the mindset of one of the most popular politicians in Oregon. 

Interview with Peter Buckley (cont’d)

Here is part two of my four part interview series with Oregon State Representative Peter Buckley. We discuss the state of the legislature when Peter first arrived, what the problem was, how he dealt with it and contributed to a change for the better. We talked about how he stays optimistic in spite of circumstances, what life experiences he brought off the shelf of his inventory and put to work to end the polarization in Salem, his opinion on the intelligence of others, and then I lay on a bit of sincere flattery for a bright guy doing great things.

How to Recognize Motivation: Part 2, Fear

Understanding motivations in others helps you to improve your communication skills, your ability to persuade and to bring about positive change. As I wrote in part 1 of this series on How to Recognize Motivation, you can’t motivate other people. But you can help people find their motivation. You can speak to motivation and engage…
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How to Recognize Motivation: Part 1

Helping people to better use their influence to make positive changes in their lives, relationships and their work is a common theme in my work and writing. Actually, “Use Your Influence to Change Your World” is the subtitle of my recent book, Insider’s Guide to the Art of Persuasion. The subject of motivation is always…
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