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The Elements of Effective Masterminding – Life Skills

A Mastermind group is not a shmooze fest. It’s not a love in, a reading circle, a salon, or a philosophy discussion. And it’s not a support group where people tell their story and get into their feelings. You can use groups for all of these things, but the purpose of a Mastermind group is to produce action that leads to success.

Can Obama Find A Persuasive Message On Healthcare Reform?

President Barack Obama has struggled to find his footing and shape this debate adequately and persuasively. In part this is because the media gives voice to the loudmouths, and in a shouting match with a mild mannered and reasonable President, this allows the loudmouths to shape the issue.

Building Relationship On Agreements (repost)

Every semester, the students change but the questions I hear remain the same. Where am I coming from with these agreements? Why do I think it so important to the well being of these students that I’m willing to spend precious time on it, time that I could just as well put into teaching other things that might be valuable for my students? What justifies the use of so much class time for these agreements?

New Class in Healthy Communication Begins

Today is day one in my healthy communication class (Psyc 604) at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. This intensive is one of the most rewarding things I do each year, because I relish the chance to teach these future doctors

Book Recommendation: Strategic Acceleration

Every once in a while, I post about books that I think are well worth your while.  Today, I want to tell you about one you don’t want to miss.  My fellow thought leader with CanDoGo, Tony Jeary, has a new book called Strategic Acceleration that delivers a powerfully important message to individuals and businesses…
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How Persuasive are The New PC vs Mac ads?

You see, the next round of ads hyping the price advantage of buying a PC vs a Mac are now out. This isn’t the first time the claim was made. It doesn’t generally hold up, unless one leaves out quality and the cost of ownership, customer satisfaction, ease of use, and focuses exclusively on the cost of purchase. But put that aside for the moment and consider the ads themselves. They’re clever, and they’re getting a lot of press.