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Case Study – How To Turn Your Boss Into A Better Listener

Here’s a case study involving one of my coaching clients who experienced the power of listening well in transforming her relationship with her boss.

Harriet Davis (the name was changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!) swore to me that her boss was the worst boss in the world. When I asked her to explain, this is what she said.

Dealing With Key Objections In the Art Of Persuasion

The purpose of some objections is to delay progress. This is the best trick of procrastinators, who fear making the wrong choice and either getting blamed for it or feeling responsible for it. When ever you receive an objection that seems to serve only to delay making a decision, that’s a signal not for more information, but for some handholding, patience and questions.

Where Is The Care in Health Care? Needed: The Art of Persuasion

How is it possible that the most obvious therapeutic modality, the human connection, accessed with the art of persuasion, has been replaced with such distance, calculation and regulation? It’s the classic case of fear overwhelming reason. Medicine, particularly in hospitals and nursing homes, is a life-and-death business. It provokes fear at every turn by its very nature. Demanding patients, demanding family members, and the demands of the effort required to manage multiple people with multiple problems in the presence of multiple opportunities for real harm and damage have taken their toll.

How to Apologize Successfully

This continues my last post on apologies. Today I will share my view of the key elements of a successful apology as a part of essential communication skills. If you want to apologize successfully, in order to end conflict and restore a relationship to a positive or neutral condition, you’ve got to overcome your urge…
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Mastering the Art of Persuasion & Healthy Communication: Recognizing Communication Needs

One of the first steps in mastering the art of healthy communication is to learn how to listen so people will talk. Improving your ability to listen so people will talk is a key step in helping you to use your influence to change your world. Improving your ability to listen so people will talk…
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Steps to Building Workplace Trust

Building trust with the people you work with is essential in order to accomplish your goals.  All the flexibility and direction in the world won’t help your positive persuasion efforts if you lack trust.  But if a person has trust in you, they may quickly let go of their personal reality in favor of the…
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