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How To Brainstorm Successfully – Life Skills

What matters is that whenever you have an outcome, it’s useful to come at it in a lot of different ways before settling on the best way, in order to keep tunnel vision from narrowing your range of powerful possibilities.

Do Self Help Books Really Help? – Jefferson Exchange Interviews Dr. K

Audio interview in two parts. Jefferson Public Radio interviews Dr. Rick Kirschner about the value of Self Help books. Do they work? Who uses them? Why? Can you expect results? What kind?

For Successful Masterminding – First, A Big Clear Outcome

Remember me telling you that you need a group committed to being extraordinary? That means you need a big outcome in mind, not some piddly thing that doesn’t mean anything to you. To go for success, you need a big desired state that requires you to stretch in order for you to achieve it. Think of it this way:

The Elements of Effective Masterminding – Life Skills

A Mastermind group is not a shmooze fest. It’s not a love in, a reading circle, a salon, or a philosophy discussion. And it’s not a support group where people tell their story and get into their feelings. You can use groups for all of these things, but the purpose of a Mastermind group is to produce action that leads to success.

60 Years Old? Young? So Far, So Good… It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to.

I know that the world has appeared to be coming to an end since it’s very beginning, and that things are actually getting better while they appear to be getting worse. I know it’s always darker before the dawn, and that my feelings serve me and empower me if I simply honor them.

Putting Your Mastermind Group Together – Life Skills

The people that you spend time with are a major influence in your life. So you want to carefully choose the members of your Mastermind group to have the best possible influence. They can be people who differ from you in background and knowledge, but it is essential that they share values and have similar aspirations for their lives. And it is imperative that they agree with you about the purpose of the group and the intent to mutually prosper from it.