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The True Click – A Super Story Start to an Exciting New Year

We’re getting ready for the runup to my next book, How To Click With People, due in June of this year from Hyperion Books. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to share with you something from the book proposal that didn’t make it into the final manuscript.

How Important Is It To Think Critically Before Making Up Your Mind?

I was thinking about what I wanted to write about next on my blog, and it occurred to me that thinking critically is certainly something worth writing about. Creative thinking is also important, no doubt, because it leads to innovation, small or large steps forward towards a desired result.  But what about critical thinking? When…
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Dealing With Shame: What’s Right About Feeling Wrong

Wrong is nature’s way of telling you that a course correction is in order. The feeling of doing something wrong is a feedback mechanism, a way of signaling to you that you have other choices, new choices, that you can make. You’ll stop feeling shame when you turn anger at yourself or the other person into forgiveness, and then turn the guilt into a commitment.

Political Definition or Redefinition? Which do you choose? Today’s Word – CONSERVATIVE

As politicians and pundits redefine words to suit their polarizing purposes, bestselling speaker, educator, self-help and business author Dr. Rick Kirschner weighs in with a few choice words of his own.

True Meaning of Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. For many, Memorial Day is nothing but an extra day off from work, or a long weekend chance to get together with family and friends, laugh and chat over a hot barbeque and cold beer, and launch the summer season in style. Considering how hard people work these days and how precious time off is, I totally get it. But the true meaning of Memorial Day is somber and sobering.

Albert Einstein and Me – Different Takes on the Meaning of Marriage

A successful intimate relationship is one in which respect (self respect and respect for your partner) is more valued than blame, self pity, excuse making and projection; in which being intimate works better than wishing for it from your partner,