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Learning The Lessons Of (Personal) History/Herstory Part 1

Anytime you have an experience, good or bad, in which you know that what you did effected the result, and then you mentally play it again in the same way, you increase the likelihood that the next time you’re in a similar situation, you will do an even better job of having the same reaction and result

60 Years Old? Young? So Far, So Good… It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to.

I know that the world has appeared to be coming to an end since it’s very beginning, and that things are actually getting better while they appear to be getting worse. I know it’s always darker before the dawn, and that my feelings serve me and empower me if I simply honor them.

Dr. K’s Newest Rock n’ Roll Single A Huge Hit!

While you may know Dr. Rick Kirschner as a speaker, trainer, coach and blogger, you may not know that he’s been a performing musician for many years.

Is This Presidential Campaign Sarcastic Enough? Well, Duh!

Sarcasm is an element of communication that is being used frequently by the McCain Palin campaign, and with greater frequency by the Obama Biden campaign. So why not take this moment to examine sarcasm? Why not, indeed.