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Bad Temper or Bad Relationship? When it comes to clicking, the devil is in the details

‘Bad temper’ is too broad a generalization. I find that people do better in sorting this sort of thing out if they can get specific about what kinds of things set off the person with the bad temper, or develop some insight into what inhibits their response in dealing with it.

How To Be A Facile Facilitator – Introduction

If you’re ever called on to facilitate a meeting of others, you may be wondering what the most valuable actions you can take as a facilitator to get the best possible results while making the process easier on yourself and on the group.

61st Birthday – Looking Back, Looking Forward

It’s not just the beginning of a new year in my life today. It also happens to be the first day of my newly formatted Healthy Communication Workshop, part of orientation week for incoming freshmen at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

What’s The Big Deal About Persuasive Communication?

If there’s no time like the present, then perhaps today is the day when you commit yourself to upgrading your persuasive skills, and preparing yourself to play a bigger part in the unfolding of the world around you. Perhaps today is the day when you say, in a way that persuades even you that your habits and cynicism make a poor excuse for not changing, that it’s time to stand up, step up and take up the cause of positive change, take it personally, make it a

You Can’t Not Influence People (Yes, it’s a double negative. Do the math!)

The only time you have no influence, as my friend Lenny the Punk puts it, is “When you’re dead.” And even then, you could have a great deal of influence. Fact is, we influence people all the time, by what we say, when and how we say it, and also what we don’t say, how and when we don’t say it.

Us and Them Is Us On A Bell Curve

When things change for the better, it’s always about ‘enough’ of us, not all of us. Which is why building connections, networks, and alliances of resources and help is how we increase the speed of change.