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Difficult People – Interference from Meddling Meddlers

It’s MEDDLING WEEK here at Dr. K’s Blog. Why? And why is it starting mid-week? Because for the rest of this week (and maybe the beginning of next), I’m posting about dealing with the difficult behavior of meddling, and the meddling meddlers whose meddling creates such a muddle for their seeming victims. And I’m starting today because the idea of starting a week long series mid-week is disruptive, just like meddlers are disruptive.

How Do Persuasive People Respond To Opposition? Part 1

Today’s post offers some potentially persuasive choices you may consider making when dealing with people who are opposed to your ideas.

How To Stop An Ex From Further Breaking A Broken Home pt1

When there are children involved, divorce is hard on everyone concerned. I have a standing invitation hidden away on one of my older websites associated with my coauthored book Dealing With People You Can’t Stand, for people to post their most pressing interpersonal problems. Recently…

Difficult People Week – The Lady Acts Like A Grenade

It’s Difficult People Day here at Dr. K’s Blog! That’s the day I post some of my email correspondence on the subject of dealing with people behaving badly. Enjoy! Dear Dr. K, I have read your book “Dealing with People You Can’t Stand: How To Bring Out The Best In People At Their Worst,” and I was wondering

Can You Talk Your Way Out Of A Scary Situation?

Happy Halloween! How do you accept the unacceptable? Seems appropriate to write today about a time I got scared and how it taught me the power of words in the art of persuasion.

How to Communicate With A Coworker Taking Credit for Others’ Work

Communications problems with coworkers are common—we’ve all experienced them. Solutions to nagging coworker problems can be found in your own desire to create positive change. Keep in mind, many times you are not the only one experiencing the coworker-problem. By addressing the problem, you will be creating positive change for yourself and others.