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When Not To Meet People Where They Are, When Not To Blend

Seems to me that you’re either engaging with someone or you’re not. There is always plenty going on, and going on back and forth in a cycle of reciprocity as is the nature of things. But when not to blend?

How To Depersonalize a Personal Attack

The point is to disrupt the attack long enough for the person to regain some self-control. Persist in this pattern, and the person is likely to be stopped in their tracks long enough to get their ability to think back!

BAM Radio Interview with Dr. Rick Kirschner now available

Interview with Dr. Rick Kirschner about Dealing with People You Can’t Stand is now available on BAM Radio with Holly Alissa Bruno, and on iTunes. The target audience for the show is educators and educational administrators. but the information will be useful for anyone.

What’s The Big Deal About Persuasive Communication?

If there’s no time like the present, then perhaps today is the day when you commit yourself to upgrading your persuasive skills, and preparing yourself to play a bigger part in the unfolding of the world around you. Perhaps today is the day when you say, in a way that persuades even you that your habits and cynicism make a poor excuse for not changing, that it’s time to stand up, step up and take up the cause of positive change, take it personally, make it a

Them and Us, War and Peace, Now or Never

One of my personal heroes, Bucky Fuller, spoke of humanity eventually arriving at the end of the womb of acceptable ignorance, a time when we would be faced with a stark choice. Continue backing into the future by fighting or fleeing from what we don’t want, or turning to face it squarely, realize we will live in the tomorrow we create today, and get busy creating a tomorrow we want to live in.

Us and Them Is Us On A Bell Curve

When things change for the better, it’s always about ‘enough’ of us, not all of us. Which is why building connections, networks, and alliances of resources and help is how we increase the speed of change.