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Change Is Gonna Come (to Dr. K’s Blogging Schedule)

That means Dr. K’s blog is more than two years old! I’ve already got close to 500 posts up, after maintaining a posting rate of three posts a week for virtually the entire duration of the blog. There are currently 777 comments on the blog, and I’ve appreciated every one of them, along with the email I’ve received the twitter and facebook responses I get regarding my posts.

Dealing With Negative People – Use Them As A Resource

The trick is not to buy into negative behavior, but instead, to reframe it and make it useful to yourself. How to make negativity useful? Remember, a negative person can serve two valuable functions in your life: They can be your personal character builder, and they can serve as an early warning system when it comes to problems.

Post High School Reunion Debrief

There are days when I love my blog more than others. This is one of them. I’m going to write down impressions from the high school reunion.

Helping Indecisive People To Make A Decision

The first thing to know about people who can’t make up their minds is that their indecision usually comes down to a fundamental misunderstanding of what goes into making a decision. The person gets their mind torn between choices because they are trying to find ‘the perfect’ decision, instead of ‘the best possible’ decision based on available information and resources.

Top Ten Interpersonal Skills -5- Listen To Go Deep

Understanding occurs on two levels: Emotionally—the person feels that you understand what they are feeling—and intellectually—the person believes that you understand what they are saying. If you make a habit of listening to go deep, you’ll find fewer problem people and more enjoyment of people in general.

What To Do With An Adult Temper Tantrum

Have you ever seen someone really lose it? I mean really lose it? Pupils dilating and contracting, facial muscles twitching, the wind picking up around them filled with leaves and scraps of paper. Not a pretty picture.