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Mixed Messages Create Cynicism

Today I’m writing to expose the simple fact that mixed messages give birth to cynicism, then nurture that cynicism to keep it alive. And we, as a society, are awash in mixed messages. Here are just a few examples of the kind of mixed messages we deal with in our personal, professional, social and cultural life.

Albert Einstein and Me – Different Takes on the Meaning of Marriage

A successful intimate relationship is one in which respect (self respect and respect for your partner) is more valued than blame, self pity, excuse making and projection; in which being intimate works better than wishing for it from your partner,

Us and Them, All In The Same Boat

We don’t have a backup if we make a mistake, if we break it or bomb it or leave it to ruin. One planet, with one island, in one ocean. There’s one race, the human race, and as fellow passengers on this spaceship Earth, we have a shared destiny. What’s that destiny going to be? As far as I’m concerned that’s the one conversation that we need to be having internationally, because without agreement to this, there’s no possibility for a real dialog.

The Value of the Vision Thing – in Politics, Business and Life

Those who we recognize for their vision are, more often than not, satisfied to see what they see and begin with that, then fill in the blanks while adapting to changes as they unfold. Indeed, an artist faces a canvas, a blank sheet of music, or a problem to be solved, with only an inkling of an idea, and that’s enough to begin.

Can Changing Your Story Change Your Life?

Here’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. I love narrative psychology, and teach it to my clients and students as a powerful change tool. Because, consider this. Everyone has a story. And when you change your story (or someone else’s story), you can change a life.

Dr. K Quoted In Article On Chain (e)Mail

An article that includes a quote from Dr. Rick Kirschner, written by Joanne Richard, of Sun Media, on chain letters that you get in your email, has appeared quickly, (one might almost say virally) in newspapers across Canada and the world. It’s a fun read.