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Big Ideas Playground: A Brainstorm and Ideation workshop from Art of Change

The Big Ideas Playground

Pulling directly from the instant collaboration successes of improv comedy, the Big Ideas Playground gives participants techniques they can immediately take and use to ensure the highest return for brainstorming time, make room for world-changing ideas to show up, and leverage the expertise of team members.

What’s More Important for Clicking? Understanding or Feeling Understood?

It seems that what passes for understanding often isn’t. So believing you know the meaning of someone else’s words could deny both of you an important experience. You wouldn’t actually understand, and they wouldn’t feel understood. By setting aside the immediate meaning you make, and showing an interest in the meaning that they make, you draw them out, and that draws you in closer to them.

The True Click – A Super Story Start to an Exciting New Year

We’re getting ready for the runup to my next book, How To Click With People, due in June of this year from Hyperion Books. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to share with you something from the book proposal that didn’t make it into the final manuscript.

Turning Contact Into Connection

Rules of relationship begin with useful assumptions about people. I’m not saying to blind yourself to reality with wishful thinking. I’m saying that since you must assume something in order to navigate your life and relationships, you’ll get further, faster, and with more pleasure and fun, if you base your travel and interactions on useful assumptions!

On Giving Your Word and Choosing Your Words

I know that your future depends not just on what words you use to describe your experience and ideas, but on you giving your word, and keeping your word. And today is always the beginning of tomorrow.

Political Definition or Redefinition? Which do you choose? Today’s Word – CONSERVATIVE

As politicians and pundits redefine words to suit their polarizing purposes, bestselling speaker, educator, self-help and business author Dr. Rick Kirschner weighs in with a few choice words of his own.