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Does Your Energy Level Play A Role In The Art Of Persuasion?

People who know how to persuade others have the energy to make meaningful connections that count. When you have energy to spare, you don’t just walk into a room, you make an entrance. Where do you get this energy? From caring. Maybe you care about people in general, or certain people in particular. Maybe you care about having a rich and full life and are willing to live such a way as to get that result. Maybe you care about not wasting your time or the time of others, so you make your moments count. Whatever it is you care about, it is obvious you care, because you are careful instead of careless with others.

Can You Talk Your Way Out Of A Scary Situation?

Happy Halloween! How do you accept the unacceptable? Seems appropriate to write today about a time I got scared and how it taught me the power of words in the art of persuasion.