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What’s More Important for Clicking? Understanding or Feeling Understood?

It seems that what passes for understanding often isn’t. So believing you know the meaning of someone else’s words could deny both of you an important experience. You wouldn’t actually understand, and they wouldn’t feel understood. By setting aside the immediate meaning you make, and showing an interest in the meaning that they make, you draw them out, and that draws you in closer to them.

Easy Pieces for Facile Facilitators, #3 and #4

Bestselling business author and coach Dr. Rick Kirschner says that effective facilitation isn’t rocket science. Group ownership of the meeting is essential for the best possible results. Do a few things well, and your group will be well served by your facilitation.

On Giving Your Word and Choosing Your Words

I know that your future depends not just on what words you use to describe your experience and ideas, but on you giving your word, and keeping your word. And today is always the beginning of tomorrow.

Why You Should Make My Business Your Business!

Recently, I was asked by a reporter over the phone, “What is the art of change all about?” Here’s what I told him, and why I think my business ought to be a part of how you do your business!

Fastest Way To End A Conflict When Someone Says You’re Wrong

For example, let’s say that I said something which, in spite of my good intentions, somehow offended you. And, just as night follows day, the result is that you accuse me of being offensive. Experience of being in this very situation has taught me that the simplest thing to say is, ‘You’re right. I’ve clearly offended you, and I apologize, because that wasn’t what I intended.”

What’s The Big Deal About Persuasive Communication?

If there’s no time like the present, then perhaps today is the day when you commit yourself to upgrading your persuasive skills, and preparing yourself to play a bigger part in the unfolding of the world around you. Perhaps today is the day when you say, in a way that persuades even you that your habits and cynicism make a poor excuse for not changing, that it’s time to stand up, step up and take up the cause of positive change, take it personally, make it a