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Dealing With Bad Behavior from Your Boss

Dealing with bad behavior at work is a common theme that I address continually in my work with people, my writing and here on this blog. Below is another example of someone experiencing bad behavior from her boss and my recommendations to her. (Her real name is not used.)

How to Communicate With A Coworker Taking Credit for Others’ Work

Communications problems with coworkers are common—we’ve all experienced them. Solutions to nagging coworker problems can be found in your own desire to create positive change. Keep in mind, many times you are not the only one experiencing the coworker-problem. By addressing the problem, you will be creating positive change for yourself and others.

How to Improve Communication: Four Steps

This is a follow up to my recent post about the Livescience.com article, Clueless Guys Can’t Read Women. I promised more on the four steps to improving communication. With men and women. Coworkers. With everyone.