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Top Ten Interpersonal Skills -2- Assume Positive Intent

people do what they do for a good reason. Even the worst behaviors serve a purpose the person considers a good one. People engage in behaviors based on their intent, and do what they do based on what seems to be most important in any given moment.

When People Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

The problem with blowhards is that if nobody knows any better, they can potentially persuade people who know even less into making a bad call, a boneheaded decision, or choosing poorly and then paying the price. Though the ditto heads who let the loudmouthed likes of Coulter, Hannity and Limbaugh think for them fail to notice it, ignorance often carries a steep price.

Do You Talk To Yourself? Does It Matter?

have you ever stopped to actually listen to that voice inside your head, really hear the way you talk to yourself, the kinds of things you say about yourself and the world around you? Ever listened to the tone and what it sounds like it’s saying? Ever said to yourself, “What a jerk! I can’t believe this is happening to me!” or “I don’t get paid for this kind of abuse!” How do such thoughts affect your attitude and your behavior? Do those thoughts help or hinder you?

What To Do With An Adult Temper Tantrum

Have you ever seen someone really lose it? I mean really lose it? Pupils dilating and contracting, facial muscles twitching, the wind picking up around them filled with leaves and scraps of paper. Not a pretty picture.

Life Skills – Getting In The Roasting Frame Of Mind

Assuming you’ve done the logistical prep and understood the gist of the roast, it’s time to set your mind in the right direction about your material. SHOULD you ever be invited to speak at a roast – and at this point, it’s only a matter of time – here are some pointers to appropriately pay tribute to the honoree (and keep the other roasters from unleashing a malicious verbal assault upon you)

Life Skills – How To Flirt On The Phone Pt.2

Picking up (no pun intended) from my last post, we’re exploring what you can do to turn a phone contact into a personal connection.  I began working on this in response to a request from a regular blog reader.  But the more I got into it, the more into it I got!  I’m actually excited…
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