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On Giving Your Word and Choosing Your Words

I know that your future depends not just on what words you use to describe your experience and ideas, but on you giving your word, and keeping your word. And today is always the beginning of tomorrow.

Get People Involved Before Making A Decision That Impacts Their Lives

I’m an advocate for involvement and engagement before decisions get made. I think that’s how it ought to be in organizations and businesses. People don’t want to hear about the new deal after the fact. They want to hear about it while it is still being thought about. That gives them a chance to talk about it, think about it, and have some say in it. Even if they don’t like the way it turns out, they get their say.

Learning The Lessons Of (Personal) History/Herstory Part 1

Anytime you have an experience, good or bad, in which you know that what you did effected the result, and then you mentally play it again in the same way, you increase the likelihood that the next time you’re in a similar situation, you will do an even better job of having the same reaction and result

Top Ten Interpersonal Skills -7- Get and Give Feedback

Relationships have less to do with reality than with perception. Find out what you’re doing that you could do better, what you’re not doing that you should be doing, and what you’re doing that you should stop doing, and you can improve any relationship for the better.

Top Ten Interpersonal Skills -6- Choose Your Words Carefully

I’m blogging about the Top Ten Interpersonal Communication Skills for building better relationships at work and at home. This post is number 6 in the series, and it’s about words. Words are almost certainly a key to success in anything worthwhile.

Top Ten Interpersonal Skills -3- Know What You Want

Everyone knows what’s wrong, what’s the problem, and what is their chief complaint. Everybody knows what they don’t want, including you. Complaining is easy. The third of my top ten interpersonal communication skills is Know What You Want. Call it your desired outcome.