Across the Divide – Bridging the Communication Age Gap at Work


In this highly interactive virtual workshop, you’ll gain tools and practices to help break through bias and create great communication despite the age gap in your workplace, so that you can focus less on what’s weird, and spend more time on the the important work ahead of you. These techniques are great in person, and even more valuable working at a distance!

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According to recent surveys, the modern workplace can involve as many as five generations under one roof. That’s five different frames of references around communication style, collaboration preference, cultural experience, technology and more… all working together, with the expectation of producing successful outcomes. So, how do we maximize outcomes, with these diverse perspectives? What are the best practices one can use to seek clarity? To influence peers?

The tools and practices from this workshop are immediately useful whether you work with your colleagues face-to-face or virtually. It’s time to bridge the communication age-gap so that you can get after the important work ahead of you.

  • Get on the same page with each other
  • Create better communication habits
  • Foster a deeper sense of belonging


Event Details

In this highly interactive workshop for better multi-generational workplace communication, you'll gain:

  • Deeper understanding of how different generational backgrounds can affect how
    we communicate, collaborate and manage people effectively.
  • Greater appreciation for the skills and perspectives that multiple generations in
    the workplace offer.
  • Tools and practice for communicating more effectively across these generational
    gaps, and ideas about how to best utilize these diverse perspectives.

In order to get the most from this 'hands-on' Zoom experience, anticipate fully participating. Be prepared to be on screen, be audible, be respectful and try some new things!

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