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Could I be a guest on your podcast?

If you’re looking for a guest who is easy to work with, fun to talk to, and who provides valuable insights into human interactions and behavior, in and out of the workplace, then I might be an excellent choice for your show. I created this page, so that you could decide that for yourself more easily. 

Keep scrolling for examples of previous interviews I’ve given, as well as topics we might explore together. 




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Hello! I’m Aden Nepom

I’m an award winning performer, and an improvisational team-building expert. For the last decade (it’s actually more like a decade and a half…but who’s counting?!) I’ve been creating fun, exploratory, interactive learning environments, for clients at some of the world’s most well-known brands, to develop outstanding communication habits that stick!

We are living in a turbulent time in the human experience. With increasing digital communication, hybrid workplaces, growing meeting frequency and an ever more polarized political landscape, interpersonal communication, can feel daunting. I’m passionate about helping people build a better future instead of a bitter one, so in the last five years I have worked to create resources and training that help people navigate conflict as a way to build trust and relationship, so we may all find reason in our outraged world.

I’ve combined my background as a professional improv performer and teacher with proven communication tools and techniques developed by my father (best selling author Dr. Rick Kirschner, who founded Art of Change) to help people enhance their communication and leadership skills in order to navigate our changing world more gracefully as individuals and as organizations.

A little video to help you get to know me

Coffee Break with Candace and David

Did you know I hosted my own podcast? I did! I published just over 50 wonderful episodes of The Changed Podcast in which I explored what we really mean when we say “change” by listening to people’s stories. 

David and Candace really liked my show, so they asked to talk with me. 

Watch my TEDx Talk

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of delivering a TEDx on embracing change. This very personal talk takes you through my personal journey out of limbo, and encourages you to identify where in your life you are continuing the patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve you so you can get out of limbo too.


Listen on Spotify

Here are a few interviews to give you a sense of how I sound, the types of things people are curious to ask about, and of course whether or not my personality feels like a good fit for your audience.


We could talk about…

With my background as an improviser, and my expertise in stellar collaboration and interpersonal communication, you likely already have ideas about what you’d like to discuss. But just in case, here are a few of the topics I’m often asked about:


Bridging the gap between diverse experiences (age, background, etc) in the workplace

Fundamental leadership skills like listening, delegation, trust building and persuasion

How to build relational influence for better sales

Dealing with micromanagers

Collaborative skills, tools, techniques and games (yes games!)


How to have meaningful conversations with people you disagree with


How to utilize improv play as a tool to bring learning to life in fundamental communication training

What it takes to mprovise full-length “Broadway-style” musicals

How improvisers handle set backs


How to get out of personal or professional limbo and embrace the changes you want but are afraid to pursue

Developing mental flexibility, buoyancy and grit

Using bias for good by training yourself to make useful instead of limiting assumptions

My official Bio

Aden Nepom is a TEDx and keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, podcast host, and award-winning performer, who has taught thousands of executives, industry leaders, and individuals the simple yet powerful steps to communicate well.

Aden’s unique combination of immediately actionable communication tools and improv technique give audiences a hands-on, interactive experience that make a lasting difference in organizational culture, relationship, and collaboration.

A little about Art of Change

Art of Change teaches individuals and teams to be better communicators with funny, authentic, and engaging workshops, coaching, and fully customized programs. Art of Change trainings are tailored to each client, and provide actionable insights that give professionals the tools they need to be smart, savvy communicators. Art of Change president and social dynamics expert Aden Nepom is also the host of The Changed Podcast. For additional information, please visit https://www.artofchange.com.

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