Bonus Post: Book Recommendation – Mind Programming – with some cool bonuses!

Bonus Post: Book Recommendation – Mind Programming – with some cool bonuses!

Sometimes I come across a new book that I think is worth your while. And Eldon Taylor’s Mind Programming,’ is just such a book. The efforts to control your thinking which he talks about are shocking.   But more valuable are the “Aha moments” that come when you see how you may have stumbled in own your quest for success in life.

Eldon Taylor, former criminalist and author of the New York Times best seller, Choices and Illusions, is one of the foremost researchers into the power of the mind and the mind/body connection. His approach is both practical and challenging, and his techniques are easy to implement into your own life.  Hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world have benefited from his teaching and his latest release, Mind Programming, condenses his 30 years of research into one fascinating read!

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He’s asked a number of authors and thought leaders to help get the word out about his book, (I happily agreed) and many of these authors are providing bonus gifts, so you really do want to check this out. Among those providing valuable bonus gifts are: Eldon Taylor, Bob Doyle, John Assaraf, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Christiane Northrup, Doreen Virtue, Doris Cohen, Angelina Heart, Caroline Sutherland, John Turner and many more!

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Here is what one reader said about Mind Programming:

“READ THIS BOOK – if you want fabulous insight into the secret battles that are being waged for your mind – AND want tangible solutions to help you protect it.

“I especially love that Eldon… devoted the second half of the book to actual exercises we can do to experience the mysteries of our minds and feel the excitement of exploring this vastly unknown frontier.

“Here’s an interesting side benefit you may not expect: When you tap into these deeper levels of mind and connect with the all knowing part of yourself, you begin to experience life in a very different, very peaceful way.

“So, probably the best reason of all to read this book is to learn to develop the powers of your mind for good. When you do that, you will

be, in my opinion, doing high soul work to truly help this planet and everyone on it.

“It doesn’t get much better than that, does it now?

“P. S. The Subliminal CD “Serenity” included in the book is a fabulous surprise gift. Simply priceless – all of it.” ~M.G.

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Mind Programming is really two books in one. The first half of the book is the tell-all story that uncovers the unseen influences that are so pervasive, penetrating and effective. It is no wonder that failure is so much more common than success! The second half of the book is all about the tools and technologies you can use to cleanse your mind of the non-sense you may not have even recognized as being present before reading this liberating book. Think about it. How many original thoughts do you really have? How many thoughts are about your limitations, your fears, your anxieties, the things you want, and so forth. You will learn that from sickness and anxiety to the way you comb your hair and dress, and so much more, all are a part of what you have been trained to think and choose. You will also learn some very simple easy-to-use tools that can free your mind and empower your being.

These tools range from exercises that will not cost you a penny, such as the ’50-day plan,’ automatic writing, and mind exercises, to high tech (but affordable) tools.   Whatever your preference, Mind Programming will provide you with the information vital for today’s climate. PLUS: Mind Programming ships with a free, high-tech, mind-training CD, that utilizes the patented and proven InnerTalk technology.

“Even though I consider myself to be quite aware of what is going on in the world, this book boldly shatters illusions about how extensive the mind control in our society has become. Are you really free? Only if you can take back control of your mind. Thank heavens, Dr. Taylor shows us how in one of the most important books I have ever read.”  -Terri Marie, author of Be the Hero of Your Own Game

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Within the first two months of it’s release, Mind Programming was already in its fourth printing, was sold into five other languages, and the publisher is still having difficulty keeping it in stock. Find out for yourself what all the buzz is about. The free CD that comes with this book normally sells for more than the cost of the book alone so you cannot go wrong! I encourage you to take a look at this book and find out how it can help you take back control of your life today!

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