Interactive keynotes mean you enjoy engaging talks, and powerful communication tools… 

Looking for just the right speaker to make your next meeting or event a memorable success? Need interpersonal skills training to take your department, team or organization to the next level? Hoping to deliver lessons in civility to a dysfunctional team, council or board? Then look no further. Seriously. With our interactive keynotes, we have you covered.



Get everyone laughing, and they’ll go back to work with better tools and choices that they will actually want to use. When people feel inspired, they are more likely to break bad habits, change their attitudes and behaviors, and move them to action.


Our programs and presentations provide practical solutions to challenges, and effective change models, that help motivate people to work more cooperatively, and help better align personal values to organizational goals so that individuals like you might change their world for the better.


We find that for old habits to be broken and for new skills to be built, it is insufficient to simply expose people to a concept… and then send them on their way. True change takes practice. Our audiences engage in the important discussions and practice that is necessary to growing new skills. The side-effect? Our programs are fun, engaging and help build the tools it takes to improve relationships and have more effective collaboration.


Innovaition is sparked when we are inspired by what we hear, see and do. Any presentation is only as valuable as the outcomes the audience have after they leave. Equip your audiences with inspiration, movtivation and practice with our tools and find out what happens when people are finally able to truly unlock their potential with better communication and better working relationships.

Our Most Requested Topics

Dealing with Difficult People

Everyone knows someone who is difficult to deal with, and anyone can use the material in this program immediately to lower stress and improve communication. If you’re frustrated with broken promises and bad behavior, let us take the pain out of dealing with difficult people in this hilariously practical, informationpacked presentation.

Influence and the Art of Persuasion

Tired of watching bad ideas win out over better ones? If you’re ready to play your part in the way the future turns out, we can give you the insights, strategies and tactics for increasing your influence, getting your ideas across and winning hearts, hands and minds to your side.

Master the Art of Change

From difficult behavior and service challenges, to morale and leadership issues, people are experiencing increasing levels of stress in their work. Why? Because people have problems with change. Gain motivating insights and strategic responses for dealing with change that can unlock creativity, enhance communication and increase personal commitment, so that you can develop the skill and the inspiration to do the important work today that builds a better tomorrow.