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Earbuds Review for Frequent Travelers – Zagg, Klipsch and Etymotic

When it comes to portable music and travel, I’m a big earbuds fan. Earbuds are lightweight (easy to carry and put away) and create some sound (and other) isolation when in crowded airports, planes and trains. And Zagg Smartbuds have won a place in my carry-on bag.

iPhone 4, Hands On Review

There’s been a lot of fuss made about an antenna problem with the phone, but it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. One can only assume that the media had some other agenda, same with Consumer Reports. It’s a shame, but it doesn’t much matter, the phone speaks for itself.

Consumer Reports Loses Even More Credibility

All you have to do is get your hands on the new iPhone, even for a few minutes, and you’ll see for yourself what the truth is. All the negative propaganda in the world can’t hide the truth. Not even when the whole media picks up the meme and carries it on. Eventually, truth will out.

Part 2 Review – iPad Hands On – This device simply ROCKS!

New apps are coming out every day now. While there’s room for improvement, it’s already amazing, and the next generation of this device will be more amazing still.

Bonus Blogpost: A Review of ATV Flash for Apple TV

I’ve enjoyed and used my Apple TV primarily for music, radio, YouTube, plus slideshows of the Universe and of nature on the big screen TV in my office during client visits. But after reading the list of benefits for ATV Flash, I found myself persuaded that this was an idea whose time had come.

Technology News About Apple and Microsoft Offer Lesson In Contrast

ontrast can be used as a signal of persuasion. It allows us to consider one thing in the light of another. And in today’s technology news, I noticed two stories that offer a perfect lesson in contrast. First up, John Breeden, who writes for GCN

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