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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In 2011, I’ll be offering my new speech and training program, “How To Click With People: Building the Personal Side of Business” in anticipation of the summer release of my next book. January release of the spoken word audio version of ‘Dealing With People You Can’t Stand,’ available through iTunes, and on CD, from MacMillan.

Fastest Way To End A Conflict When Someone Says You’re Wrong

For example, let’s say that I said something which, in spite of my good intentions, somehow offended you. And, just as night follows day, the result is that you accuse me of being offensive. Experience of being in this very situation has taught me that the simplest thing to say is, ‘You’re right. I’ve clearly offended you, and I apologize, because that wasn’t what I intended.”

True Meaning of Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. For many, Memorial Day is nothing but an extra day off from work, or a long weekend chance to get together with family and friends, laugh and chat over a hot barbeque and cold beer, and launch the summer season in style. Considering how hard people work these days and how precious time off is, I totally get it. But the true meaning of Memorial Day is somber and sobering.

Part 2 Review – iPad Hands On – This device simply ROCKS!

New apps are coming out every day now. While there’s room for improvement, it’s already amazing, and the next generation of this device will be more amazing still.

If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When?

In this final post of my blog series about getting beyond Us/Them thinking, I’d like to talk about the part we each play in what happens to all of us. The world is my country.  All mankind are my brethren.  To do good is my religion. – Thomas Paine I love that quote.  That’s from…
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Them and Us, War and Peace, Now or Never

One of my personal heroes, Bucky Fuller, spoke of humanity eventually arriving at the end of the womb of acceptable ignorance, a time when we would be faced with a stark choice. Continue backing into the future by fighting or fleeing from what we don’t want, or turning to face it squarely, realize we will live in the tomorrow we create today, and get busy creating a tomorrow we want to live in.

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