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Interview with Peter Buckley (cont’d)

Here is part two of my four part interview series with Oregon State Representative Peter Buckley. We discuss the state of the legislature when Peter first arrived, what the problem was, how he dealt with it and contributed to a change for the better. We talked about how he stays optimistic in spite of circumstances, what life experiences he brought off the shelf of his inventory and put to work to end the polarization in Salem, his opinion on the intelligence of others, and then I lay on a bit of sincere flattery for a bright guy doing great things.

Interview with Peter Buckley

Here, as promised, the first part of a four part interview with Oregon State Representative Peter Buckley, the Majority Whip representing my district in southern Oregon, District 5.

Flipfloppery: Political Inconsistency Pt 4

Don’t you just love those expensive and over-produced political ad campaigns where you get to see airbrushed images of a politician in front of the waving flags, hearth and home? To hear that oh-so-caring voice of authority that tells you the story the politician has had written just for you, a story he knows you want to believe is true?

You may be able to catch one of these ads on your teevee right now! But only if your candidate feels his power threatened in the next election. Otherwise, he (or she, though probably he, let’s call him Greg Schmeg) is more likely to sit back, rake in the money from the handful of groups that actually benefit from his position of

Flipfloppery: Political Inconsistency, 3rd Part

This post is the third part in a three part series of posts on flipfloppery, and the cost of inconsistency in political candidates. I hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t help changing up the title, flipflopping as it were on whether to stick with the ‘Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3’ titling formula I…
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Flipfloppery: Political Inconsistency Pt 2

This is part two in my blog series on inconsistency in politics. The previous entry can be found here, and it deals with John McCain’s inconsistency on a wide range of issues.

With Obama, we have a different kind of inconsistency going on. Two kinds, actually. The first is a more nuanced version, the sort of inconsistency you might expect in either a deep thinker who understands that issues aren’t really black and white, but come in a variety of shades of grey. The second kind is with the expectations of his base, the ones who brung him to the dance (pardon the word brung, but it is the correct spelling when used in the colloquialism in which I found it!)