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Rule #6: You Can Persuade People With Your Ears

If you have to be right, you’re doing it wrong. Nobody cooperates with anybody who seems to be against them. People do what they do for what they somehow consider a good reason. You can persuade people with your ears.  It’s all about asking high quality questions. All people problems have three component parts that…
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Ten Words For Healthy Communication

What is healthy communication? The purpose of healthy communication is to bring about positive change, which ultimately is the role of a health focused doctor. It’s also your role any time you want to do your part to create a better tomorrow.

For Successful Masterminding – A Need It List Related To Your Objective

We’re talking about Mastermind Groups and how to make best use of them.  In my last post, I talked about having a clear objective, written and with a date attached, when you come to the meeting.  Your objective is what you want. But what will you need to make it happen?  Ask yourself, “What do…
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Share Your Contacts with Your Mastermind Group

Provide Contacts. You are less than 5 people from anyone on the planet. You know someone who knows someone who knows someone… If contacts are not generated at every Mastermind session, it isn’t working right. Every time an idea is generated someone should ask, “who knows someone, who can help?” People should be willing to…
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Prioritize The Results of The Mastermind For Best Success

I’m blogging about how to build and sustain a Mastermind Group for your ongoing Success.  And in today’s post, we’re talking about refining the results of the preceding step of Masterminding. According to the five stages of change model that I use to teach persuasive communication,  a good plan precedes taking a new action.  And…
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