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BAM Radio Interview with Dr. Rick Kirschner now available

Interview with Dr. Rick Kirschner about Dealing with People You Can’t Stand is now available on BAM Radio with Holly Alissa Bruno, and on iTunes. The target audience for the show is educators and educational administrators. but the information will be useful for anyone.

Technology News About Apple and Microsoft Offer Lesson In Contrast

ontrast can be used as a signal of persuasion. It allows us to consider one thing in the light of another. And in today’s technology news, I noticed two stories that offer a perfect lesson in contrast. First up, John Breeden, who writes for GCN

Dr. K Quoted Extensively in ‘Season’s Screamings’ Article

Bestselling author and coach Dr. Rick Kirschner is quoted extensively in the latest article by columnist Joanne Richard. The article appeared across Canadian newspapers and offers help for dealing with relatives at holiday time.

Dr. K Quoted In Article On Chain (e)Mail

An article that includes a quote from Dr. Rick Kirschner, written by Joanne Richard, of Sun Media, on chain letters that you get in your email, has appeared quickly, (one might almost say virally) in newspapers across Canada and the world. It’s a fun read.

How Do We Resolve Conflict With Others? – Reply To A Reader

I love the idea of resolving conflict instead of suffering it and making it worse. I frequently do this kind of work with my coaching clients and organizational clients. Effective communication is the key, and breaking the chains of reaction in yourself and then others is the beginning of it.

72 Hour Book Event for Sales Managers – Salespeople into Sales Champions

In my executive coaching practice, I help my clients develop their natural talents and build on their strengths. Time and again, I’ve witnessed the payoff in the client’s life, as they take their natural ability and use it to excel, to achieve, to fulfill their ambitions and dreams.  It’s a wonderful thing to be able…
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