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Ten Words For Healthy Communication

What is healthy communication? The purpose of healthy communication is to bring about positive change, which ultimately is the role of a health focused doctor. It’s also your role any time you want to do your part to create a better tomorrow.

The Common Sense of Sensory Language Sequences

Here’s a big idea that may have escaped your notice. People express themselves through sensory sequences. When you hear these sensory sequences and respond in kind, see/feel, or feel/see or hear/feel/see, you click with people, and that’s because you are using the same sensory paradigm.

Dr. K’s Laws of Attraction for Intimate Relationships

While my blog deals primarily with matters of communication and making a positive difference in the workplace, I can’t always separate my personal from my professional life. That’s because the challenges in one are almost certainly have consequences in the other.

How Is Projection A Stumbling Block to Clicking With People?

The question to ask yourself is, do you see the people in your world as they are, or as you are? Because if it’s a matter of projection, the quickest way to resolve the problem is in yourself. Don’t like that behavior? Identify a new one and start creating it instead.

Bad Temper or Bad Relationship? When it comes to clicking, the devil is in the details

‘Bad temper’ is too broad a generalization. I find that people do better in sorting this sort of thing out if they can get specific about what kinds of things set off the person with the bad temper, or develop some insight into what inhibits their response in dealing with it.

What’s More Important for Clicking? Understanding or Feeling Understood?

It seems that what passes for understanding often isn’t. So believing you know the meaning of someone else’s words could deny both of you an important experience. You wouldn’t actually understand, and they wouldn’t feel understood. By setting aside the immediate meaning you make, and showing an interest in the meaning that they make, you draw them out, and that draws you in closer to them.

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