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Get People Talking

Everyone has a story to tell. When you get people talking about themselves and their unique experiences, they experience being special around you. I’ve heard plenty of stories about people who met total strangers, had a brief conversation, and those strangers became important allies, significant connections, and dearest friends. My fellow frequent flyers are going…
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The Key To Asking Questions

When the person you’re trying to click with has finished mak- ing his point, the time has come to ask questions. Your inten- tion is to clarify anything you don’t understand. Ask one question at a time, and make sure you pause to listen well to the response. Repeat as needed until you’ve clarified every-…
Read more A very interesting article from the health site  recently, points to a study that when people match language styles, the sparks may fly!  (Sparks of love that is!)

If someone has obviously already arrived at a decision or conclusion, you can ask how he got there. Listen for the thought process involved—you may be able to trigger that same process to help the person arrive at a different decision. Knowing how he thinks can help you cater your approach and reach that click.…
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Ten Words For Healthy Communication

What is healthy communication? The purpose of healthy communication is to bring about positive change, which ultimately is the role of a health focused doctor. It’s also your role any time you want to do your part to create a better tomorrow.

When People Click With Company Values

Les Schwab Tires is considered by many to be a fringe benefit of living in the Pacific Northwest. They are known for practically legendary customer service, and have tremendous customer loyalty because of it. Every employee exemplifies the mission statement: “Pride in Performance is the value that drives us at Les Schwab. We take pride…
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