Author: Aden Nepom

Online Workshop from Art of Change: Across the Divide - Bridging the Communication Age Gap at Work

Across the Divide

This highly interactive workshop will help you bridge the communication age gap by getting on the same page quickly, fostering curiosity and belonging and speaking with clarity so that you can get after the important shared outcomes you need for success.

Say It Like You Mean It

This workshop will give you a few simple, almost effortless pointers for when you are speaking, that help you look, sound and feel competent and confident when you give presentations, audition for roles, pitch to your board of directors, or need to get your team on board with a new direction.

Reason in an Outraged World

If you are tired of feeling burned out and saddened by the difficult conversations you’ve been engaging in, then it is time you learned a better way! Learn to engage reason instead of outrage and have meaningful conversations with people… even when you disagree! While this workshop is designed for better workplace outcomes, the powerful techniques and immediately useful approaches to communicating effectively with people can be applied to all kinds of disagreements…