Author: Aden Nepom

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What kind of culture are you cultivating in your organization?

The way we amend the soil, the seeds we choose to plant, and the weeds we allow to survive another cycle will all affect whether or not we get to harvest nourishing rewards in the summer and fall. Our careers, relationships, and workplace culture are the same way

Big Ideas Playground: A Brainstorm and Ideation workshop from Art of Change

The Big Ideas Playground

Pulling directly from the instant collaboration successes of improv comedy, the Big Ideas Playground gives participants techniques they can immediately take and use to ensure the highest return for brainstorming time, make room for world-changing ideas to show up, and leverage the expertise of team members.

Difficult People Workshop - Art of Change

Protected: Post-Session Resources for the Art of Difficult Conversations

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Protected: Becoming your guests FAVORITE podcast experience…

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Reason in an Outraged World - Art of Change Workshops

Protected: Post-Session Resources for Reason in an Outraged World

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Influence & Persuasion

You want them to do more than just say ‘yes’ to your great ideas. You want them to get excited. Tired of watching bad ideas win out over better ones? Expand your reach and vision beyond the boundaries of your own efforts! Achieve your objectives with the assistance of others. Develop your skill, confidence and determination, as you explore the amazing designs and practical patterns found in the art of persuasion!