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Can I provide value for your membership?

Your members joined your association for support, to bond with like-minded people and for the benefits you offer them. 

Perhaps one of those benefits is offering learning support that includes training in skills that will advance them in their profession. Maybe you offer them an annual celebration or conference that includes professional speakers to inspire your membership. Maybe you offer them online resources.

If you’re looking for a guest speaker who is easy to work with, fun to talk to, and who provides valuable insights into human interactions and behavior in and out of the workplace, then I might be an excellent choice for your association’s next event or training opportunity. 

I know that choosing the right guest speakers and trainers who will be the best fit for the culture, needs, and specific challenges of your group. My intent in this little corner of the internet, is to give you the information you might want or need from me in order to more easily figure out if I’m a good fit. So keep scrolling for thoughts on how I might serve your membership  by helping them to become skillful savvy communicators, collaborators and leaders 

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Hi! I’m Aden Nepom

I’m an award winning performer, and an improvisational team-building expert. For the last decade (it’s actually more like a decade and a half…but who’s counting?!) I’ve been creating fun, exploratory, interactive learning environments, for clients at some of the world’s most well-known brands, to develop outstanding communication habits that stick!

We are living in a turbulent time in the human experience. With increasing digital communication, hybrid workplaces, growing meeting frequency and an ever more polarized political landscape, interpersonal communication, can feel daunting. I’m passionate about helping people build a better future instead of a bitter one, so in the last five years I have worked to create resources and training that help people navigate conflict as a way to build trust and relationship, so we may all find reason in our outraged world.

I’ve combined my background as a professional improv performer and teacher with proven communication tools and techniques developed by my father (best selling author Dr. Rick Kirschner, who founded Art of Change) to help people enhance their communication and leadership skills in order to navigate our changing world more gracefully as individuals and as organizations.

Thank you for coming to my TEDx Talk…

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of delivering a TEDx on embracing change. This very personal talk takes you through my own journey out of limbo, and encourages you to identify where in your life you are continuing the patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve you so you can get out of limbo too.

In recent years this topic has been updated and adapted as an excellent event closer, leaving your audience inspired to go forward and make positive changes in their lives, embrace changes at work and seek to make a positive impact in the world.


My Services

With my background as an improviser, and my expertise in stellar collaboration and interpersonal communication, helping the members of your association succeed can come in many forms! 


As a Keynote speaker, I deliver a unique combination of immediately actionable communication tools, story telling and improv technique all of which combine to provide an engaging, interactive experience guaranteed to elevate the success of your event


Engaging, tangible and useful training  in the essential skills of relating: listening, influence, persuasion, conflict resolution, and collaboration. 


Playing improv games, whether just for the fun of it, or to apply the skills to something real, foster growth in collaboration, trust building, buoyancy, adaptibility and creativity. (I’ve been teaching improv for 35 years. You’ll be in excellent hands)


Expert facilitation to help your important conversations or event stay productive, energized, and of high value to your membership.



Below are a few of my most requested topics. All of them are delivered in an engaging, fully interactive style, and can be adapted to be delivered as workshops or as speeches, depending on your needs.

When you book me, you don’t just get a session speaker. You get a collaborative partner. I will ensure that I deliver a talk or workshop  that is tailored to your audience big or small.


Have meaningful conversations, even when you disagree!

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Disagreements are going to happen. Understanding how to move through challenging conversations is a necessity in today’s corporate world. 


Fun and useful ways to generate new ideas!

THIS SESSION IS FUN! The Big Ideas Playground will give you experiences and tactics you can immediately take and use to ensure you get the highest roi for your brainstorming time. You’ll make room for world-changing ideas to show up, and leverage the expertise of your people in ways that surprise you.

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How to get out of indecision limbo and create positive change in your life, in your work and in the world.

It’s time to get out of your own way! Understand what it takes to embrace change, and go on a true journey to discover your highest potential. You are the hero in your story!


Speaking with Confidence and Competence

Anyone can learn to communicate well by following a simple set of easy to adopt principles. These effortless pointers can help even the shyest, most tongue-tied people to look, sound, and feel competent and confident when pitching ideas, presenting project outcomes, or asking for resources at work.

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My Official Bio

Aden Nepom is a TEDx and keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, podcast host, and award-winning performer, who has taught thousands of executives, industry leaders, and individuals the simple yet powerful steps to communicate well.

Aden’s unique combination of immediately actionable communication tools and improv technique give audiences a hands-on, interactive experience that make a lasting difference in organizational culture, relationship, and collaboration.

A Little About Art of Change

Art of Change teaches individuals and teams to be better communicators with funny, authentic, and engaging workshops, coaching, and fully customized programs. Art of Change trainings are tailored to each client, and provide actionable insights that give professionals the tools they need to be smart, savvy communicators. Art of Change president and social dynamics expert Aden Nepom is also the host of The Changed Podcast. For additional information, please visit

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